Estendart Ltd focus’s on the veterinary development process including the following activities:

  • Design, development, implementation and management of pre-clinical programmes and plans
  • Protocol design, conduct and management of clinical studies
  • Management of data processing/data management activities
  • Generation of statistical analyses
  • Production of integrated statistical study reports

Pre-clinical Services

Our focus is on:

  • Target animal safety studies in the following species: sheep, cattle, pigs, chickens, horses
    and companion animals
  • Bioequivalence studies in sheep, cattle, pigs, horses, cats and dogs
  • Milk and tissue residue studies in food-producing animals
  • Toxicology of compounds with biological activity using rodents or other species
Clinical Services
  • Clinical Trials at single or multiple sites
  • Dose determination and dose confirmation trials
  • Field trials eg mastitis trials in dairy cows, efficacy trials in companion animals and vaccine studies in food-producing and companion animals
Medical Devices
  • Providing animals models for evaluating medical devices, using a variety of species including chickens, rodents and pigs.